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Protect Your Kids from Cyber Bullying

Based on a new survey, many kids mostly girls, between the ages of 11-18 have experienced online abuse or cyber bullying. As a concerned parent, the answer seems simple – get her off the internet as soon as possible. But it’s not exactly as easy as what most people think.



In this generation, having gadgets at a young age and being on social media became a norm. And for most kids, the rule of the playground would be:

“Everyone else has it in my class, you don’t understand Mum. If I don’t have it, it’s social suicide.”


To avoid being ostracized by fellow teens, most kids try to fit in by following what’s “in”. And in this case, it’s social media. Kids may seem harmless to look at but sometimes they can also get pretty mean especially for kids who seem different or don’t quite fit in to their standards. The thing about the classic bullying in school is that it starts when you enter the school gates but ends when the bell rang for home time. However, cyber bullying is in a whole new level. If your kids or teens are on social media, the bullying can continue, even in the confines of your home. With social media, the bullies can get to wherever your kids are and they can be pretty relentless. There are even schools that banned it, in and out of school time. You yourself probably heard a story or two about teenage girls who attempted suicide because of online harassment or teenage girls pressured into sending inappropriate pictures of themselves to boys only to have it shared on social media for everyone to see, leaving your kids too embarrassed to go out, much less going to school.


The humiliation, the worry – it can take a toll on your kids. With the mindset that their peers won’t let them live down with it as they whisper in the lunch queue, talk behind their back, or worse, humiliate them even more in public.


As a parent, it is your responsibility to make sure that your kids are safe, even online from the danger that is cyber bullying. You can protect them from these cyber bullies by monitoring all their social media activities. And you can do this with the help of an app called Sms Tracker. With Sms Tracker, you can track not just their social media activities but all their device activities as well. This tracking-application runs in invisibly in the device that can monitor a great number of information on the targeted device.


Sms Tracker’s features includes message, call, web and social media and Gmail monitoring, as well as GPS, photo and video, contacts and notes tracking. You can view all these information in a LIVE control panel that also provides immediate tracking in real time.


For instance, your kids are fond of using Facebook, through this app, you can monitor what your kids and teens are sharing in Facebook such as photos, videos, messages, etc. With this, you can keep track of everything they share online and prevent them from being cyber bullied.


In conclusion, being a teenager is a hard, confusing and worrying time as it is. And it doesn’t help that social media is the hype these days. If you forbid them to engage in it, chances are, they will only rebel against you. So the best thing that you can do is to let them use it provided you will be monitoring them. With a tracking app like Sms Tracker, you can be assured that your kids and teens are safe from cyber bullies.